le D.E.B.

The Diner's Elegant Bib 

Elegant Protection for Life's Little Messes
Our le D.E.B., The Diner's Elegant Bib, is the PERFECT accessory for women of ALL ages & walks of life, and makes a great gift for any occasion.

Our classic and elegant design will compliment any outfit.


Keep your clothing stain-free with elegant adult designer bibs. Our le D.E.B., The Diner's Elegant Bib will protect your valuable clothing while maintaining style, class & elegance. During these troubled financial times, most of us cannot afford to replace a valued piece of clothing because we spilled, dripped or splattered a little something on it leaving it stained. Our product will keep your wardrobe in tact and looking as lovely as the day you bought it.

Classic le D.E.B.'s
Luxury Loop - Color Optons
Luxury Loop
Luxury Wrap
Luxury Wrap - Color Optons

Both Styles available in Seven Beautiful Colors w/a classic Black Reverse

Bright Eyed Blue

Fabulous Fawn

Gold Mystique

Marvelous Mint

Notorious Navy

Purple Passion

Sienna Splendor

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Ensure that you look your best for that important afternoon business presentation or meeting by using your le D.E.B., The Diner's Elegant Bib at lunch. The machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, and durable fabric allows for daily wear.
When putting on your make up, our le D.E.B. will keep your clothes spotless with a touch of class.
Use your le D.E.B., The Diner's Elegant Bib, while snacking on a plane or while eating or drinking in the car on the way to work. Wear as a compliment to your outfit or as an accessory under your suit or coat. Compactly folds for easy portability!

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